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How to Find the Right Home Renovation Contractor

Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews can point you to the right home renovation contractor, but the search doesn’t have to stop there. 

Finding a qualified and reliable contractor for your home renovation project requires more than a basic background check. 

To help narrow down the list of potential contractors, we’ve outlined a few tips on how to find the right home renovation contractor. Whether you’re in Edmonton or elsewhere, these tips can help you find the perfect contractor for your home remodelling project.

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The Role of a Contractor

A contractor plays a critical role in any home renovation project. This professional will be the overall manager of your project, overseeing the construction process and ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and to a high-quality standard.

Your contractor should be able to provide recommendations and advice on the best materials and processes for your home remodelling project. They should also be able to work closely with you throughout the project to ensure that your vision is realized.

Checklist: What to Look For in a Contractor

    • Punctual and Responsive
      Right from the first contact with a contractor, you should expect quick and accurateresponses.


    • Has the Right Experience and Qualifications
      Do your research on a contractor’s experience and qualifications. Make sure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete your project to a high standard.


    • Reasonable Rates
      You should always make sure to get a few quotes from different contractors. Compare rates and services to ensure you’re getting a competitive rate.


    • Local and Licensed
      Edmonton has many home renovation contractors, but not all of them are licensed and locally based. Ensure that your contractor is both, as this will ensure that they’re up to date on applicable building codes and regulations in the city.


  • Respects Your Vision
    Make sure to hire a contractor that respects your vision and is willing to work collaboratively with you.

Tips for Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor

1. Understand What You NeedPeople discussing what's drawn on a house blueprint.

Before you start searching for a contractor, make sure you have a clear vision for the remodelling project.Just like in any other task, it is easier to jump into the process once you know exactly what you are doing and understand what you will be doing.Additionally, having your project vision properly laid out and documented will make it easier for the contractor to provide you with a more accurate quote.

2. Check Referrals and Reviews

As we said earlier, reviews are a great way to learn more about the contractor you’re hiring.

A remodelling contractor in Edmonton that is transparent with their client’s reviews means they are confident in their abilities to satisfy your needs.

Customer reviews can act as your monocle to see how a company works on a micro level—how they deal with business, conflicts and complaints, bidding and quoting, and other relevant aspects in venturing to work with them.

Check in with your friends and family if they have already worked with a contractor before and ask for their feedback.

 3. Make a List of Contractors

Don’t settle immediately after talking to just one contractor. Instead, make a list of contractors you are interested in and try to compare them.

Settling with the first contractor you talk to can mean cutting yourself short of potential better remodelling contractors that Edmonton has to offer.

Things To Ask A Potential Contractor

    • “Can you tell me your other relevant remodelling experience?”
      This question assesses if the contractor is capable of handling your project from start to finish.


    • “Can you show me your insurance, licenses, and registrations?”
      A legitimate contractor should willingly show you these as this proves their credibility.


    • “Have you experienced any conflict during a project? How did you resolve it?”
      This ensures that they are to finish the project right on contract, even if conflicts arise during work. This also shows how they are dealing with conflicts and complaints.


  • “How is your health and safety performance?”
    Ask them if they have encountered health and safety hazards in accomplishing a house remodel in Edmonton and how they complied with it. If they are able to provide answers, it is a good sign that they also prioritize health and safety at work.

4. Check Their BBB Ratings

The Better Business Bureau helps in verifying and background checking a contractor and their company. That’s why it’s advisable that you know the contractor business’ official name so you can easily search for them on BBB.

BBB checks for a contractor’s complaints and conflicts and how they have resolved them in the past.

5. Check Credentials

a file case containing a folder labeled "licenses/permits"

Before hiring any contractors, make sure they have up-to-date registration and licensing with the province or municipality where they work.

Keep an eye on the dates of their registration and license, and make sure it is still valid.

6. Get Quotations

If you have now narrowed down your list, it’s time to discuss your budget plan for the whole project—from the materials to labour costs.

Ask for quotes from several different contractors so you can compare them side by side. However, remember that cheap isn’t always better—going too low may mean sacrificing quality or service, which could cost more money than it saves in the long run.

Carefully assess the contractor’s quotation. The estimation should typically be divided evenly through materials, labour, and profit costs: 

40% – material costs

40% – labour costs

20% – profit.

Finding the Right Contractor in Edmonton

a contractor working on a kitchen cabinet

When you’ve gone through the process of selection, and you have now found your ideal contractor, it’s time to make a contract.

Clear agreements will help both parties understand what each is expected to do. Make sure that all details—from scheduling and milestones down to payment policies—are discussed and agreed upon prior to signing the agreement.

The right remodelling contractor for your Edmonton home renovation project should be able to provide top-notch materials and labour without skipping out on other essential aspects such as health and safety protocols, customer service, communication, budgeting, etc. Look carefully before you make a decision by comparing multiple contractors so you can find the one that fits perfectly with your needs and wants.


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