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basement home theaters need soundproofing to create optimal acoustics and reduce external noise

5 Ways to Soundproof Your Basement

Whether your basement is a bedroom, movie theater, or home office, one of the best things you can do to make the space feel cozy and inviting is soundproofing. 

This is a great way to block out noise from outside and upstairs, while also keeping sound from escaping the basement.

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the process of sound insulation and noise reduction by dampening or absorbing sound waves. 

Soundproofing has always been a design mainstay. In home décor, soundproofing is a useful tool for reducing outside noise and keeping sound from escaping.

While soundproofing does not eliminate sound, it seeks to reduce unnecessary disruptions.

Read on to discover 5 materials you can use to soundproof your basement. 

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The Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home

Whether you are using your basement for recreation or relaxation, soundproofing helps to create a peaceful atmosphere

Isolating sound can reduce external distractions such as loud machinery, a bustling district or living in an apartment or condominium. 

Soundproofing enables setting the tone of tranquility with maximum functionality.

For your home, here are some benefits:

1. Increase In Comfort

Unwanted noise is a cause for lack of focus during the day or keeps you awake at night. It is why there is a surge in noise-canceling products such as headsets and even sleeping machines. Soundproofing helps to deflect noise or interruptions to increase comfort in your home.

2. Boost Productivity

For businesses and institutions, reducing environmental noise levels boost work effectiveness and efficiency. Unaltered listening at home allows more clarity to think, perform tasks, and relax

3. Protection of Privacy

Some topics hold sensitive information, whether in the workplace or at home. Soundproofing impedes sound from entering. It also prevents it from escaping. Secure conversations and feel safe in your space.

How Soundproofing Works

In a nutshell, soundproofing works to absorb, dampen, reflect, or diffuse sound. 

Think of a calm sea. The ripples on its surface are the effects of the wind, generating waves over time. Sound travels continuously in a similar pathway through vibrations. 

The factor is in materials either sandwiched between walls, floors, and ceilings or on surfaces in paneled treatments. To understand further, we break it down into these elements: 


Absorption, also known as insulation, helps reduce echoes and reverberations by filling the cavities of a surface with porous or fibrous materials such as fiberglass or rock wool. 


Damping prevents sound from traveling between rooms or floors. While absorption lessens sound, Damping redirects it. 


Separating two surfaces to prevent vibrations is through Decoupling. Its effectiveness relies on the construction of a wall or ceiling and the installation of the wall studs.

Mass Loading

The denser the material increases the efficacy of absorbing sound or reflecting them out. This alternative requires constructing walls and even ceilings as heavy as possible. 

Reflection and Diffusion

From material to finishes are integral to sound reduction to redistribution. Reflection is how sound can travel uninterrupted on hard or smooth surfaces compared to soft and textured materials by redistribution. Another way to scatter sound is by using diffusers through Diffusion.

Types of Basement Soundproofing Solutions

There are many types of soundproofing materials available

Today, there are a variety of alternatives for sound insulation and improved acoustics.

Things to consider when selecting the most appropriate soundproofing solution: your initial requirements, its noise properties and how you intend to use the space. 

These tried and tested materials are consistent for soundproofing walls, floors, and ceilings:

1. Soft Furnishings from Area Rugs to Heavy Drapery

Who says soundproofing has to be complicated? Soft furnishings such as area rugs, thick curtains, and heavy drapes are excellent for muting noise without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.

carpets are a stylish and effective way to soundproof your basement

2. Acoustic Foam Panels & Tiles

Acoustic foam panels and tiles are usually made of polyurethane foam and are used to absorb sound waves. They reduce noise reverberation inside a room by dissipating sound energy and preventing the echo of voices within the space.

3. Insulation Materials in Fiberglass, Mineral Wool, or Spray Foam

Joist cavities (the spaces in between wall and floor/ceiling studs) in basements often do not need insulation. But, filling these in with sound insulation materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool or spray foam can be effective in dampening sound.

4. Acoustical Sealant

Gaps and cracks are where sound can pass through. By using acoustical sealant, or caulk, you can create a barrier around the perimeter of your basement walls and floors. This will help to keep sound from escaping or entering the space.

5. Drywall

Adding a layer of drywall on your basement walls is also effective in soundproofing. The thicker the drywall, the better it will be at absorbing sound. 

You can use a cement board, oriented strand board (OSB) or any material with a high STC (Sound Transmission Class) value.

Build A Peaceful Home in Edmonton

While soundproofing may seem like an additional cost to your home renovation, it is well worth the investment for a peaceful and comfortable living environment. 

With the right materials, you can soundproof your basement efficiently and affordably. 

Skyhold Construction seeks to lessen the impact of intrusive sounds in every remodel and renovation in Edmonton. We take into account the need for soundproofing during initial consultations and design phases, providing the best solutions to alleviate noise disturbances. 

Need help to enhance comfort and privacy in your home? Contact us today.

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