Renovating your basement? Why not start your own DIY Wall painting project?

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Easy Tips And Ideas For DIY Wall Painting (With Pictures)

Do you always need home painting contractors to transform your walls? That depends—if you want a professional-level job for your home in Edmonton, then they are your best bet. But if you’re someone who loves expressing themselves with creative arts and DIY projects, then tackling this DIY home improvement project for beginners may be for you!

Before you start splattering paint Jackson Pollock-style, you’ll want to gather the necessary supplies to bring your creative vision to life.

Once you’ve got the right tools and materials, there are a few best practices to remember for a professional-looking finish. And if you need some inspiration to get started, we’ve got creative ideas galore, from geometric shapes to nature themes and beyond. 

By this end, your walls will be ready for their close-up. The best part? You did it yourself. Now, that’s a work of art to be proud of.

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Gathering Your Painting Arsenal: Must-Have Supplies for Your Epic Wall Painting Project

Never begin your wall painting project without quality paint and paint rollers!

To unleash your inner artist, you’ll need the right gear. Stock up on these essential, beginner-friendly supplies for your DIY home improvement project:

1. Paint

Get high-quality interior paint in the sheen and colour you choose. Flat paint hides imperfections best.

2. Paint Tray

A tray lets you pour and efficiently roll or brush the paint onto walls. Look for a tray with a plastic liner for easy cleanup.

3. Paint Roller

A roller makes quick work of large, open wall spaces. Get a roller cover in the appropriate nap for your wall texture. Extension handles allow you to reach higher areas.

4. Paintbrush

Use angular sash brushes or trim brushes for edges, corners, and tight spots. Purdy or Wooster brushes provide superior results.

5. Painter’s Tape

Tape off baseboards, ceilings, windows and door frames for crisp lines. Remove the tape as soon as you’re done painting to avoid peeling.

6. Drop Cloths

Canvas protects floors and furniture from drips and spills—secure cloths to baseboards for the most coverage.

7. Five-in-One Tool

This multi-tool scrapes, sands, opens cans, cleans rollers and brushes, and more. It’s a DIY painter’s best friend.

8. Ladder or Scaffolding

Make sure you have a steady way to reach higher areas of walls. Your safety is priority number one, so get equipment rated for the job.

With the right supplies and safety gear, you’ll be prepped and ready to unleash your creativity on those bare walls. Time to make your vision come to life!

Nailing Your DIY Paint Job: The Secrets to Perfect Wall Painting

You can never go wrong with white paint for a base coat!

Now that you have all the essential supplies, it’s time to prep those walls! The key to a professional-looking DIY paint project is proper preparation.

Get Started With Your Project In Four Steps

  • First, thoroughly clean the walls to remove any dirt or grease. Vacuum away cobwebs and wipe down the walls with a degreaser or tack cloth. For tough stains, use a scrub brush.
  • Next, fill any cracks, holes or imperfections with spackle or drywall compound and let it dry as directed. Lightly sand any repairs smoothly.
  • Then, apply a primer. Let it dry completely. Primer helps new paint adhere better and provides an even base coat.
  • Once primed, inspect the walls for any remaining cracks or holes and make final repairs. Now you’re ready to start painting!

Best Tips For An Instagrammable Wall Finish

  • Start at the top of the wall and work your way down using a zigzag ‘W’ or ‘M’ pattern for the best coverage.
  • Roll the paint on in different directions – up and down, then left to right. This helps hide roller marks.
  • Apply two coats of paint. Wait for each coat to dry completely between applications.
  • Start using a brush to paint the edges and corners, then roll the main wall area.
  • Extend each stroke from the ceiling to the baseboard for uniform coverage.
  • Don’t overload the roller with too much paint!

    With some patience and these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your space with a successful DIY home improvement project for beginners. Let your inner artist shine through!

Unleash Your Inner Picasso: Ideas For Jazzing Up Your Walls

Once you have the essential supplies and have prepared your walls, it’s time for the fun part—picking a creative design! Here are some unique DIY wall painting ideas to inspire your inner artist:

Accent Wall

Add a bit of colour or disruption in your room with an accent wall!

Paint one wall in your room with a bold, vibrant colour as an accent. The other walls remain white or a neutral colour. An accent wall is an easy way to make a dramatic statement without overwhelming the space.


Want a creative and therapeutic way to decorate your wall? Why not pain a mural!

If you’re feeling ambitious, consider painting a scenic mural on one wall, like a forest, beach or cityscape. You can find many tutorials online to help you map it out. Murals are a great way to give a room a custom look.

Colour blocking with painter’s tape is a simple way to create clean lines and graphic appeal. Select 2-3 complementary hues and use the tape to mask off diamond, zigzag or chevron shapes. Paint within the tape, let dry, then remove tape for a modern pop of color.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes don't have to be boring. There is tons of inspiration online on how to make a good one.
To make geometric shapes, use painter’s tape. Then, fill the shapes with different colours for a striking, modern look. Remove the tape carefully once done for crisp lines.


Stencil patterns can be applied on walls and wallpapers!

Adding patterns to your walls can be made easy using stencils. You can find stencils in many designs or make your own. Apply stencils and paint over them, then remove them to reveal your pattern. Stenciling is a simple way to create an intricate wall design. Check out CuttingEdgeStencils for creative ideas!

Faux Finishes

Is your budget stopping you from achieving that rustic kitchen interior? Enter faux brick finishes.

There are many tutorials available to help you achieve a realistic finish. Faux finishes are an affordable way to achieve the look of expensive materials. The lads at Products Construction have a guide to faux finishes available here.

Whatever design you choose, take a step back and appreciate your handiwork. Your custom wall painting will give your space a burst of style and personality that you can enjoy for years to come. Let your inner artist shine through!

Help! Calling In The Calvary: Signs It’s Time to Dial The Pros

Sometimes, a DIY wall painting project, no matter how beginner-friendly it may seem at the start, can become too difficult or time-consuming to handle alone. Don’t feel defeated; hiring a professional interior painter is a smart solution.

Professional painters have years of experience and expertise that the average DIYer lacks. 

They understand the proper techniques for preparing different wall surfaces, selecting the right types of paint, and applying coats smoothly and evenly. Professionals can also access high-quality equipment and tools designed specifically for painting projects.

If your walls have significant damage or imperfections, a pro can properly repair and patch them before painting so you end up with a flawless finish. They are also skilled at painting around trim, windows, and doors without mess or drips. Professional painters work efficiently and can complete an entire house in a fraction of the time it would take an amateur.

When it’s time to call in the experts, you’ll appreciate their know-how and high standards. A professional paint job will give your space a polished, custom look that adds value to your home. While DIY painting can be rewarding, there’s no substitute for a pro when you need perfection!

The Finishing Touches

Going DIY for your wall painting can be rewarding but if there's trouble, you know who to call---the pros!

With basic supplies, patience and creativity, you have everything needed to unleash your inner artist and create a stunning DIY wall painting project. Experiment freely – if you make a mistake, paint over and start again.

Possibilities are endless, so grab your brush, select colours and let your imagination run wild. Confidence will come with practice, so do not fear failure and have fun exploring your creative side. 

Your walls can genuinely reflect your personality when you decorate them yourself. Though the work requires effort, seeing the final results will make it worthwhile.

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