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Don't Overlook The Throne Room:
Elevate Your Bathroom Experience With Stunning Renovations

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space. Discover the untapped investment potential and impact a well-designed bathroom renovation can have on your daily life and overall home aesthetic.

Our Design-Build Process

At Skyhold Construction, we go beyond the ordinary. Our streamlined design-build process promises a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring your envisioned kitchen space is expertly structured.


We’ll work with you to design the best layout for your space, treating your basement as if it’s our own home.


We’ll help with the city permit process and manage it from start to finish.


We’ll ensure the work is completed to the highest standard, within budget.

Go Beyond Functionality:
Transform Your Bathroom, Showcase Your Style

Discover a new level of sophistication and style with our stunning bathroom renovations. Go beyond mere functionality and create a space that embodies your personal taste while maximizing comfort and convenience. 

Why Choose Us

Your imagination is only the limit. Name your project, and our basement renovation contractors will bring it to life.


Our "Safety First" policies enforce security on all projects, prioritizing safe practices at every construction phase.


Trust us to deliver the best quality standards. We go the extra mile to ensure you're happy with your project.


Stay informed throughout the construction process. We discuss schedule, quality, and budget in regular meetings.


We offer excellent service without breaking the bank. We'll find ways to deliver within your budget and beat competitor quotes.

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Sherwood Basement
Chapelle Basement
Basement bathroom remodel
Daycare Basement
Windmere Basement 2
Suite Renovation – Edmonton – Chapelle
Suite Renovation – Edmonton – Crystallina
Suite Renovation – Edmonton – Creekwood
Suite Renovation – Edmonton – downtown
Suite Renovation – Edmonton – Fraser Vista

Got Questions About Our Bathroom Renovations In Edmonton?
We've Got Answers!

We get it—bathroom renovation projects come with a lot of questions. Here, we’ve gathered answers to common queries to bring clarity to your renovation journey:
Renovation timelines vary based on scope and complexity. Small projects take weeks, larger ones a few months. Our skilled team ensures efficient, quality work.
Some areas may be inaccessible for safety, but we minimize disruptions. Our plan balances your convenience and renovation progress.
Costs depend on design, materials, and labour. Projects range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. We work within your budget while delivering excellence.
Permits may be needed for plumbing, electrical, or structural changes. We help you understand and obtain the required permits.
Renovations can uncover challenges like plumbing or structural issues. We communicate transparently, providing solutions and seeking your input.
Absolutely. We encourage your input and thrive on turning your ideas into reality. Whether it’s a specific theme, unique fixtures, or special layout considerations, we’re here to make it happen.

Bathroom Renovations Specialists That Edmonton Residents Trust

Skyhold Construction provides reliable and award-winning bathroom renovations for Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Get inspired and check out some of the reviews our happy clients have left us.
Cj Oshae
Cj Oshae
This is difficult to write a review because it would be a book with how much good I have to say about Jag and Khush. To start with he and his team finished my basement for the job they were hired to do. It was a difficult job filled with complicated issues that I saw right when I moved in. Jag and Khush designed the entire basement with great skill and creativity. Incredible job, now to the work. There is no one more honest with their time and cost in this industry, I am certain. Jag makes your living space work for you no matter the challenges encountered. My basement was a disaster to set up and he made it look amazing with his creativity and problem solving skills on the fly while the work was in progress. I can't emphasize enough his honesty and his open line of communication through the entire process and desire to do the best job that works for YOU! That is his number one concern, making sure that you are happy with the outcome and his skills match his client centric approach. The subcontractors he uses are equally incredible to work with and highly skilled in their fields of expertise. Again showing Jag's dedication to the best possible outcome of the job and client service. Jag is more fair than anyone that will give you a quote and the cost of his work is worth every dollar to which he makes a priority and he is more than reasonable in accommodating your life situation. No matter how complex it may be. I could go on, but the bottom line is I am extremely fortunate and lucky to have had Jag accept this job and couldn't be happier with the result. Hire his services and you won't be disappointed. Amazing man, amazing service!
Latom Consulting Services
Latom Consulting Services
Skyhold Construction just completed the development of our legal basement. The company did an excellent job and transformed our basement into a lovely space. The quality of the work done is awesome at a reasonable cost our expectation was exceeded.
miss maria
miss maria
I have taken their service from here. Their service is very good
Noella Andrews
Noella Andrews
The Skyhold team were very efficient and professional. They always communicated timelines and steps to completion . All of their sub trades were high quality and did awesome work. They easily met planned timelines to completion and willingly completed all finishing details to our satisfaction. Thanks so much for transforming our basement into a beautiful new space!
Peace’n Love
Peace’n Love
I wanna say thank you Kush and Jag for doing a great job finishing our basement in Beaumont, you guys are awesome 😊 I highly recommend skyhold inc for your future home renovation. Kush and Jag are very professional, honest and straightforward. Their rate are competitive and they’ll walk you the process of your project (if you need help with your paperwork/ pulling permits and so on) We are very happy with our finished basement Thank you guys and keep up the good work
Hamid Abdihalim
Hamid Abdihalim
Developed my basement. A great service. Fantastic quality and value in a timely matter. Highly recommend them.
Sunpreet Johal
Sunpreet Johal
I had my house painted with Skyhold Construction. From estimate to completion they have shown professionalism and provided excellent service in my home. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go with Skyhold Construction Inc for my house painting, but the way they presented their estimate I knew I had to go with them. After my house was painted, I also got them to install hardwood in my home. Keep up the good work. Will use for future projects also.

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